Cancellation of Life by You: Paradox Interactive makes a shock announcement

Paradox Interactive has announced the decision to end development of “Life by You”, their highly anticipated life simulation. This project, led by Rod Humble, former head of “The Sims”, aimed to offer an immersive and innovative life simulation experience.

Official Press Release

In a press release signed by Mattias Lilja, Deputy CEO of Paradox Interactive, the company explained the reasons for this difficult decision:

“It is with great sadness that we have decided to cancel the release of our long-awaited life simulation, Life by You. This decision was incredibly difficult to make and represents a clear failure by Paradox to meet our expectations and those of our community. »

The development of “Life by You” had undergone several postponements to improve the game, but despite the progress, fundamental problems remained. Paradox ultimately concluded that the game could not achieve a satisfactory level of quality even with more time.

The Life by You project

“Life by You,” developed by Paradox Tectonic and published by Paradox Interactive, was designed as an innovative life simulation allowing players to create and control characters in an open world. The game promised deep customization, complex social interactions, and robust creation tools to allow players to shape their own unique experience. Led by Rod Humble, the project aimed to compete with giants of the genre like “The Sims”​​.

The future of Paradox Interactive

Paradox Interactive promised to analyze the reasons for this failure to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future. The company remains committed to providing fun, interesting and challenging games for its players.

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