Farming Simulator 22 and dedicated servers: don't fall for the trap

Offers are coming: on the one hand the German Nitrado, supported by Giants Software, offers several offers from 0,99 to 9,99 € without discount, and on the other, our National Verygames which types a -25% on pre-orders and offers an interesting starting offer at 7,49 € (7,12 € with the code UNIVERSSIMU). We debrief all this in the video below, and we mainly talk about this fake "200 players" hyper misleading. NO you will not play 200 players on FS 22 (imagine the mess…).

The basic price, without promo, is higher at Verygames, but the -25% offered during the pre-order clearly tip the balance on the French side. The service is almost identical, with an FTP, 25 GB of storage for mods, and a system of secondary accounts to be able to manage the server together.

Finally, we see that the 2 hosts complement each other. Nitrado starts off with an offer of 0,99 € per 3-day tier for a dedicated server “without storage” (250 MB…. Not even enough to place a map…) which will support 4 players. Handy to try, but a real rip off in the long run. Then comes an offer for 4 players and 25 GB of storage for € 5,99 / month. If you want more players, we can only advise you to switch to Verygames. The offer starts from 6 players and up to 16. The real advantage is being able to use servers hosted in France and having a light ping (around 30 ms). We are only talking about milliseconds, but it is noticeable, especially when playing at 16. This type of game may also become commonplace since console players will finally be able to join the dedicated servers.

Regarding the 16 player offers. We fall to 1,70 difference in favor of Nitrado (€ 17,50 against € 19,19). Once again, it is the ping that will make the difference…. especially at 16.