Heavy Cargo – The Truck Simulator: A promising but still incomplete demo

Heavy Cargo – The Truck Simulator is a new simulation game developed in cooperation with Gruber Logistics, specialized in heavy load transport. Currently in demo for the Steam Neo Fest until June 17, the game allows players to test its main features. The game takes place in a vast open world of 175 km², with a dynamic day-night cycle and changing weather conditions.

Exploration and Road Preparation

Before you start transporting heavy loads with your truck and various trailers, players often need to explore the road using a reconnaissance vehicle. This preparation phase is essential to identify and remove potential obstacles, such as guardrails, traffic signs, and low-level bridges. Players can also use cranes to lay down plates and ensure damage-free transportation.

Gameplay and Missions

The game offers almost 30 missions with different weights and sizes of cargo. Players must load and unload these cargoes using cranes and transport the cargo across country roads, highways, and through meticulously designed towns and villages. Each mission ends with a detailed assessment, unlocking over 100 additional parts, over 20 interior decorations, and new truck models.

Technical Aspects and Realism

Heavy Cargo provides MAN and Scania trucks, as well as various types of trailers and semi-trailers based on real models. The game incorporates realistic features like compressed air system and speed bump. Additionally, all wheels and wheel pairs of modular trailers are individually calculated for increased realism.

A Promising but Limited Initial Experience

Although the game has some interesting elements, such as the ability to dismantle guardrails to move convoys through, the current demo is limited to a few miles of driving and can feel empty. This preliminary version leaves players fearful about the final quality of the game, especially given the reputation of Aerosoft, the publisher, often criticized for its lack of requirements in terms of quality control.

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