PAX DEI will be in early access on June 18 and for one year

Only a few more days to wait! Since it was unveiled last year, Pax Dei has brought together a growing community of players eager to discover its gigantic worldfocused on player decisions and human interactionsMainframe Industries and its co-publishing partner New Tales announced today that their highly anticipated social sandbox MMO will be playable in early access from June 18.

Pax Dei part of the games most added to wishlists on Steam. More than 100 players participated in the last Alpha test which aimed to test recent additions regarding gameplay as well as server infrastructure. Streams from content creators generated more than 1,6 million hours watched since the game was revealed.

The development of Pax Dei has reached the stage where an active player base is necessary to continue progressing.

“Pax Dei is based on the social interactions between players, on their choices in terms of peace or war, and on the social structures that will emerge. We can't develop this game without players”said Reynir Hardarson, game director and co-founder of Mainframe Industries“We want to attract a community ready to work closely with the development team. With early access, players will be able to stand with us. »

The game is still in Alpha, since development is far from complete. However, the basics of Pax Dei are already installed with thepeaceful aspect (resource acquisition, crafting and construction) which invites players to create their home in a vast open world shared and permanent, as well as with theadventure aspect with Large areas to explore (PvE) and compete for (PvP).

Pax Dei will remain in Early Access for at least a year. During this period, the game will progress in all its aspects and will be influenced by player reactions and feedback. As explained, development is far from over. Some major changes might require resetting the game world, forcing players to start from scratch. The first update of this scale will be devoted to thesocial aspect, the third pillar of the game, which will introduce features like markets and the gold-based economy.

“We are very touched and deeply grateful for the enthusiasm generated by our project”said Thor Gunnarsson, CEO and co-founder of Mainframe Industries“Today we invite players to join us on the next part of the journey. »

Early Access Pax Dei is now available for pre-order on and will be playable on PC, via Steam or the game launcher. Early Access players will benefit from exclusive rewards depending on the Founder's Pack chosen.

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