Starfield: Patch 1.12.30 Brings a Lot of New Features

Bethesda recently rolled out patch 1.12.30 for Starfield, introducing many additions and improvements. This patch includes a new creative mode, bounty hunting missions, additional weapon levels, as well as various fixes to improve the gaming experience.

Main new features of the update

Fashion Creations
Creative Mode makes its debut in Starfield, allowing players to explore and play new content. This mode offers new missions, equipment, skins, weapons, and much more. For example, “The Vulture,” a new Stalker Alliance mission, is now available. Premium Edition owners receive a bonus 1 Creation Credits to take advantage of these additions.

Players looking to create their own content can download the Starfield Creation Kit on Steam. Note that this download is separate from the main game and exclusive to Steam.

Tracker Alliance Missions
The update includes new missions under the umbrella of the Stalker Alliance, allowing players to play as a bounty hunter. In the first mission, "The Star Thief", players must track a mysterious target across several colonies. The second mission, “The Vulture”, is accessible via the new Creations menu.

Bounty Scanner and Mission Boards
A bounty scanner system has been integrated, making it possible to find and capture wanted targets, alive or dead. Players can also check the Elite Stalker Alliance mission board to find new contracts.

Weapon Upgrades
DIY enthusiasts will be delighted by the new melee weapon tiers and modification options available. The update also allows for the crafting of ammo, which players can research and produce at the Research Station and Industrial Workbench.

Corrections made


  • General improvements to game performance and stability.


  • Fixed an issue where stealth attack damage was too high.
  • Tweaks to ship decoration, including managing items on ladders and storing the Nova Galactic 2x1 berth.
  • Fixed various issues regarding guard behavior, display of visited locations, and zero gravity effects.
  • Improved the interface and interactions when modifying ships and using photo mode.
  • Fixed bugs affecting quest tracking and interactions with certain NPCs, such as Cora Coe.


  • Fixed issues with excessive lighting effects and certain objects being invisible when loading saves.


  • Fixed a bug causing the energy management robot to lose power.


  • Various adjustments to resolve intrusion message errors and other anomalies in missions.

This update 1.12.30 significantly enriches the Starfield universe, offering players new experiences while fixing existing issues for a more fluid and immersive adventure.

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