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Hof Bergmann: All the new features of version 1.2

6 months after the fall update, Farmer Andy's Team LSFM brings us again a big package of novelties (pond fishing, new productions for wood, the cultivation of silphia and clover). Since the versions are not compatible with each other, is that enough to encourage you to start from scratch on a new save? Answer in this post.

Where to download and how to install Hof Bergmann

  • Your game must be in version 1.9.0 minimum and you must be on PC or MAC.
  • If you are playing with the Pump N' Hoses DLC, it must be in its latest patched version 1.2
  • The map in version 1.2 is available for everyone on the LSFM site.
    • Free link (still requires you to create an account on the LSFM website)
    • Paid link (by becoming an LSFM supporter, €5 for 1 month, €15 for 3 months, €48.90 for 1 year)
  • After downloading (by registering on the LSFM website), you will receive one or more RAR files (depending on whether you use the free – but slow – link or if you are a supporter (donor) with a faster link and in one file).
  • Then unzip the RAR file (if you have several, please have them in the same folder before starting to open the first RAR file) to find the following subfolders which contain ZIP files that they will not need unzip but use as is in your MODS folder.
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  • Move entire folder contents mods to your game's mods folder (usually %USERPROFILE%DocumentsMy GamesFarmingSimulator2022mods). You will have the map as well as all the mandatory mods to go with it.
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Attention, the game also requires the GTX script object-storage not included basic that you will therefore have to add from the modhub. you will find it here. Without this script, no boot or pallet storage will work on the map. In principle, at the opening of this one, you will be invited to download the mod but it is better to anticipate already.

  • In the file optionalMods, you will find a modified version of Precision Farming to take into account the peculiarities of the map such as compost. If you want to play with precision farming, the LSFM therefore recommends that you use this version.
  • In the file extras, you will find the production diagrams of the microbrewery as well as the summary of the animal feeds available on the map.

Details on additional Mods and DLCs

Maize Plus mod and Animal Grazing (grazing) are not supported (and probably never will be) in Hof Bergmann because some scripts contradict the map ecosystem desired by LSFM.

Precision farming is fully supported using the modified add-on mod (in the optional mods folder) specifically to account for compost

Le Pump N Hoses DLC is supported, with a small restriction: in some barns, mulching using dry matter is not displayed. Warning: remember to update your DLC to the corrected version 1.2 as well.

Le Göweil DLC is fully supported but absolutely requires that you remember to add in the mods folder the file which is in the Optionalmods folder of the RAR file

The productions of Platinum DLC (ForestDLC) are not supported on the map, as there are no sell points for products.

For more information on which mods are not compatible, you can check the FAQ atnext address

The list of notable additions

  • The vehicle dealership has been reduced and completely rebuilt.
  • In the backyard of the Tavern it is now possible to buy crates of beer and crates of Paulaner Spezi in case someone gets thirsty (has no use except as decoration for your RP games) .
  • Added a Raiffeisen market. This serves as an additional point of sale for different goods, mainly for wood.
  • Added a second farm in Fuchshausen to improve the multiplayer experience on the map (hint: the farm can also be purchased and used solo by purchasing the correct plots).
  • The carpentry has been transformed into a sawmill with timber trade.
    Trunks can be crafted into planks, beams, and logs.
    The products can be sold or used for other productions. There are 4 types of wood products
    Boards (narrow), boards (wide), beams and logs with transport bracket, this transport bracket facilitates transport with a pallet fork or forklift.
    The sell trigger for logs without production is still present in the sawmill, but the purchase of chips has been removed there.
    A sale point for wood products has been added as an alternative to production, which makes it possible to buy wood products without going through production.
  • Possibility to build a bridge on the stream near the farm. To do this, you must first build the construction site on the construction symbol.
    The materials needed to build the bridge are shown on the building container blueprint.
  • The attic of the pigsty has been extended with a remote-controlled bale crane, which makes it possible to carry several bales.
  • The lake has been transformed into a pond, it is now possible to fish there. To fish, you need a boat that you can buy delivered with its trailer from the dealer.
  • The Peach :
    Before you can fish, you must first buy one or more fishing spots through the purchase of plots. As in real life, fish appear and disappear from fishing areas. The F1 help window shows how to fish. The fish is collected in the boat which can then be unloaded using the unloading function.
    The right side is the unloading side of the boat. (it is not recommended to use the unloading function at sea, otherwise the crates will sink).
  • Putting the boat in the water: Take the boat with the trailer to the pond, then select the boat and detach it. Then back up a bit in the water with the trailer and the boat.
    The boat will naturally begin to float. To load the boat, perform this step in reverse order.
  • The brewery was removed from the farm, she now stands on her own land directly in the village, the land is purchased as usual with agricultural land.
  • The brewery no longer needs methane gas.
  • The brewery was completed with a bottling facility. Brewery process 5 (storage/maturation) can now be set to dispense. The beer is thus pumped into the other building and can be bottled.
    The distribution is done in the form of individual cases or on a pallet containing 16 cases of beer. (can be chosen from the production menu, it is recommended to only run one production at a time).
    For the bottling installation, empty pallets are required. They are available in the backyard of the village shop or in the backyard of the tavern.
  • Fish smokehouse installed in the last garage of the farm. The smoker needs some wood chips and fish. To transport smoked fish, you need a suitable container. Hearty bag and bin are available at the store.
    (Note: There are no plans to smoke meat, as this would be the same as smoking fish in-game).
  • Small transport carts as well as an electric tractor for industrial use outside public roads have been added to the brewery and the sawmill. They can also be purchased separately from the dealer.
  • New barn on the farm, for storing straw and also overlooking the road.
  • The bulk straw warehouse above the stable has been removed.
  • The map now has its own pipe system, wherever there are visible fittings, a hose can now be connected. The system is optional and dependent on the trailer used. So if the trailer is not configured for the hose system, there is no need to use the hoses.
    The hose system is easy to use, as there is no need to carry or purchase additional hoses.
    The hose will automatically deploy between the fittings as soon as the trailer is in the right place. Compatible trailers are only available in the LSFM Universal Tank Pack from version hose system supports both slurry fittings (gimbal/perrot) and small fittings (Camlock system), allowing GAS, WATER, SLURRY or any other liquid to be transferred with just one visible hose.
    Gas stations do not support the pipe system.
  • The limit for trees has been increased, it is now possible to plant more trees.
  • The agricultural market in Erfurt has been reduced, it is now possible to sell your compost there.
  • 2 new crop types have been added, silphe and clover, both known in Hof Bergmann since FS19.
  • The silphie is an energy plant, perennial (which regrows on its own) and gives a higher yield than corn. This plant can only be harvested with a harvester to obtain chopped silphia which can be used in BGAs or as compost.
    – the sale of chopped silphie is possible at the stationery
    – the silphe is planted using a Grimme PM 300 planter, which can be found in the store under the planters section. Seedlings of young shoots are needed and purchased separately also at the store
  • Clover can be used as follows:
    – as fodder for cows
    – for sale at livestock and fodder merchants
    – in biogas in the BGAs.
    – in compost
    – in silage in a bunker silo
  • Addition of a small shed to the new barn on the farm, which serves as a small workshop for wood processing, eg. with the integrated wood chipper, wood chips can be produced.
    These can be unloaded via the “Unload” function, either in bags or via the “Unload here” function on the ground.
    Chip bags can be used directly in front of the smoker.
  • The stationery has been added as a new point of sale, you can sell silphie (chopped) and wood chips there. (no production for the player, only a point of sale).
  • Added rabbit farming. They need a varied diet consisting of 60% hay and 40% lettuce or apples.
  • Added a small vegetable garden to Farm 1 (works like the communal garden).
  • Added slaughter log for poultry and rabbits for small meat production. It appears as a production line. The meat can be sold at the tavern or at the village grocery store.

The list of modifications and corrections to remember

  • The Bale Crane caused Lua errors when using Ifko's round bale extension. If you want to continue using it, consider downloading the update .
  • Multi-farm mode has been removed because it was not working correctly (multiplayer is nevertheless possible as in the old versions of Hof Bergmann).
  • The farmland price for farm 1 has been increased, it is now more in line with the price of farm 2.
  • The shelter of Farm 2 has been slightly raised in order to be able to place taller machines there.
  • The mobile milking parlor has been equipped with a hose connection (caution! To connect the hose, no tractor must be attached).
  • The niche of the 2nd farm can now be removed in the construction menu.
  • The 2nd farm has been extended with a hay warehouse with hay dryer, pig feed mixer and smokehouse.
  • Clover swaths can now be baled or turned to make hay.
  • Added additional bullet types for the Göweil DLC (chips and manure) if you use this add-on mod in the same folder:
  • Gas is no longer needed in the outdoor cistern of the former brewery
  • Straw in sheepfolds is now consumed after a certain time without producing manure.
  • The priest of the church can now speak.
  • The starting fleet is only present on the easy difficulty level, as it is by default (does not affect vendor vehicles etc. which are still there).
  • Dregs are accepted in the compost silo.
  • Adaptation of the spacing of the vines.
  • At the Livestock Trader, it is now possible to sell extra bales, bales of mixed fodder, bales of beet pulp, bales of pig fodder and bales of clover (mixed fodder, pig fodder and bales of beet pulp require the Göweil DLC).
  • Added Göweil Filltype extension under "optionalMods", it is an additional mod for the Göweil DLC which allows to process the extra balls on the Bergmann farm (Ifkonator).
  • Added SilageAdditiveFix to the map which allows autoloaders or balers to consume silage additive for clover (Ifkonator).
  • Added the RealisticSeederFix to the map, when using the RealisticSeeder mod in the mod folder, it prevented the unloading of the boat and the chip machine on the farm (Ifkonator).
  • Removed the sale trigger in the village store (front), now only possible to unload in the backyard.
  • Map-specific big-bags now have green loops so they can be more easily discerned from those created by the LSFM external big-bag mod.
  • The capacity of beer keg went from 100L to 50L (which allows a better ratio between the barrel of beer and the pallet of beer crates).
  • In the dairy barn, the trigger for collecting the milk has been moved to the outside, which avoids having to enter the building.
  • Increased dairy milk storage capacity in the dairy farm.
  • Small bullets in the bullet stash above the Pigsty have been capped at 650.
  • Animal feed adapted to accept clover.
  • Extension of the potato warehouse at the level of the small courtyard, it is now possible to store beets on the other side of the shed

Your frequently asked questions

  • When and where is the card available?

The card is available free of charge at the LSFM website via a restrained and multi-part download. The supporters LSFM (if you become a donor to participate financially in the LSFM community and thank the modder for his work) have a faster link and in a single file.

  • Is the card console compatible?

Due to the use of specific scripts, this card is not console compatible.

  • Will the menu exist entirely in French?

Lactic68 and Jericho_47 are currently working on the French localization of the map. This localization will be available shortly after the release of the map in the form of a downloadable pack also on the LSFM site. For the moment only the texts are in French (directly integrated into the map)

  • Where are the bakery, the butcher, the inseminator, the collection of semen from bulls, the features present on the FS19 version not yet implemented here? Ditto for cereal cakes, what are they used for?

The map will receive regular feature additions with each release cycle (approximately every 6 months). It is not impossible that sooner or later we will regain its functionality.

For the moment, it is not possible to sell or use cereal cakes.
On the other hand, crushed malt is useful for your brewery.

  • Is the card multi compatible? With Courseplay, Autodrive, Precision Farming, Pump 'N Hoses DLC?

Yes for the multi but without the possibility of selling the buildings however. Courseplay works smoothly with this map, as does autodrive. Precision farming will also work in "standard" mode (i.e. with the generic soil map) on Hof Bergmann. However, the compost offered on the map will not be recognized as a default fertilizer, which is why a modified version is provided with the map.
The Pump'N Hoses DLC is accepted on HofBergmann but the map has its own biogas plant. However, nothing prevents you from installing an additional one in the building zone to the northwest.

The animal guide to Hof Bergmann

Thanks to our loyal community member LudoDiablo, below is ProdaxCH's translated guide to all about the animals on the map.


  1. This article is really well detailed, if the French community that plays Hof Bergmann still has difficulties on the map after all that, it's because he doesn't read lol.

  2. For the Platinum dlc there is a point of sale if I'm not mistaken for people who own the dlc so it doesn't bother me I think because on the base Map of the game I had to put this point of sale which is in my placeables

  3. hi bruno! I never had any problems with the hof begmann maps of previous versions but for some reason it was impossible to install it, I deleted all the mods, entered each folder one by one, reset fs22 but nothing done (in addition to that I deleted the previous version and I can't make the backup) do you have a solution for me please? ^^

    1. Hello, I must have the same problem too, haven't had time to investigate further.
      On the other hand I did not understand the difference between the 3 parts after downloading

    2. Hello Anthony,
      Can you tell us more about your problem please? Did you recover the map via the free link in several small RAR files or via the paid link with a single large 2 GB RAR file?