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In the Valley, oh ooooh, of Purbeck, la li lalaaaa! 🎵

Farming Simulator 19 is popular with English modders. And more than one out of two maps represent regions...

Bruno Bruno

The Western Shore: THE Farming Simulator 17 map that we need on the 19

Better late than never. After several years of development, modder BulletBill unveils his map for Farming Simulator...

Bruno Bruno

The Fendt 900 MT from FS 19 on FS 17, what does it look like?

While it was announced dead a few days ago, FS 17 returns to the front of the stage on

Bruno Bruno

Farming Simulator 8.7's PAUS TSL 17 turns our heads

A wheel loader that arrives a few days before the release of Farming Simulator 19. But ultimately, is it really...

Bruno Bruno

Mercury Farms: Warning, left hand drive

Would we be in the presence of THE best map for Farming Simulator 17? Personally, there is no longer any doubt. And...

Bruno Bruno

moreRealistic: Farming Simulator 17 makes its physics copy

A little late, sure, but the recent MoreRealistic Game Engine mod update for FS 17...

Bruno Bruno

John Deere 8960-70 for Farming Simulator 17: New with old

And this title has a double meaning. On one side we have the tractor, the John Deere 8960-70 which date from the...

Bruno Bruno

Real Nights Mod Farming Simulator 17: At night all cats are gray

13 KB. Here is a light, simple mod, and bringing a realism, or at least an adjustment, which is lacking in...

Bruno Bruno

Bobcat 863 Turbo: the feline sticks out its claws on Farming Simulator 17

The ARM team, accustomed to creations on Farming Simulator, is once again at the rendezvous with a Bobcat 863 Turbo....

Gwendal YT Gwendal YT

Upper Lusatia, a small map oriented breeding

A fan of small, easy-to-play maps, modder Redkeinstus has teamed up with RitchiF to create a 4th map that's still as enjoyable to play...

Bruno Bruno