Farming Simulator 17

In the Valley, oh ooooh, of Purbeck, la li lalaaaa! 🎵

Farming Simulator 19 is popular with English modders. And more than one in two maps represent regions of the country. The Purbeck Valley is one of the most beautiful in this area.

Are you looking for a European card, more breeding oriented? This one might just hit you in the eye. Medium-sized plots, departmental roads dedicated to medium-sized machines, hilly landscapes. These are the characteristics of this modder card tommx55.

Whether you gain height, or stay on the cow floor, the menu is very extensive. Many buildings, trees and decorative elements around the fields bring the environment to life. Breeding is done outdoors, provided you start your game in "new farmer" mode. The "Farm manager" mode leaves only the pen for your sheep and the henhouse.

Almost all access to the fields is through barriers to be opened. The edges of the map require a little more powerful tractors to work because they are very steep and we quickly have the wheels spinning. Without frills, this English map does not finally include very few decorative elements of the base maps. The modder used custom textures.

One of the most beautiful English maps


Simple decors, but the relief really gives this map a realistic look.