Farming Simulator 17

Upper Lusatia, a small map oriented breeding

A fan of small, easy-to-play cards, the modder Redkeinstus has joined forces with RitchiF to create a 4th map that is still just as fun to play: Upper Lusatia for Farming Simulator 17.

“You don't change a winning team”, Redkeinstus knows it well. Also the design of this new map on a human scale does not betray the rule: grouped plots and a well-equipped farm for maximum playing pleasure.


In Upper Lusatia, you will evolve on a map with very few roads, but also very few obstacles. This is what is obvious when you work your land. The border trees are far away and do not disturb us. The farm allows the breeding of sheep, cows and pigs. The 3 farms are grouped together in the center of the map, which facilitates the feeding of livestock and the storage of food. In short, very good for a player who is more oriented towards breeding.

The machine park made available is complete, and it is not necessary to invest too much to start a game. There are many hangars and a large paved place is available for temporary storage of vehicles.

Finally note that the concession is stamped "New Holland Agriculture" and that the map is compatible PC / Mac, Xbox One, PS4. The Season mod is of course welcome.

Gwendal also presents it to you in video

For the old

Note globale

The modder admits it himself in the description, this map is made for the old ones (of which I am part ^^), those who seek simplicity and relaxation. To try it is to adopt it.