Farming Simulator 19

Garford Robocrop row crop cultivator: 3 inter rows for weeding on Farming Simulator 19

The cultivator Garford Farm Machinery Robocrop arrives on FS 19. Available with 3 inter-rows (sunflower, corn, beet), it allows efficient weeding over 6m wide, with a low-power tractor (minimum 90 hp). In game, the tool is equipped with fictitious cameras, which, in reality, make it possible to follow the rank and correct driving errors in order to move forward calmly. These cultivators are also equipped with row cleaning fingers to maximize efficiency. Garford is also joining the large family of licensed mods, so the tools are available for PC / Mac and PS4 / Xbox One consoles.

English joins the German game


6m and not very power-hungry, the tool is closer to reality by offering several widths of intervals.