Farming Simulator 19

Sopema launches into slurry tanks with the Trans'Efflu 65 on Farming Simulator 19

Not yet available in real life and already on FS 19, the Trans Efflu 65 from Sopema is a 65000 L tank to be positioned at the edge of the field during major spreading work. It is ideal for refueling large volumes of tonnes. IRL, you will be able to discover this box at the next agricultural fairs (undoubtedly Les Culturales, organized by Arvalis in mid-June). The cage located at the front normally accommodates a pump in order to work independently, but we have not added it to Farming Simulator (probably for the 22…).

In the shop, for a little over 40.000 €, you can choose the color between red, black and yellow, and add a scale to the back. Fully compatible (and it is the only one on the modhub) with the pumping arms of the Manure System, it is equipped with 2 valves for transferring slurry from one tool to another. Without the Manure System, all you have to do is position yourself on your side, then launch the “fill” function to fill up your tonne. Easy!

Farming First!


Conform to the real model, plan a large tractor to move it when it is full ... well, normally it is rather empty ^^