Pure Farming 2018

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The Ursus C330 for Pure Farming 2018, the indestructible bear

100% Poland! Polish tractor on a Polish game with a Polish modder, who provided me with this 3D created for...

Bruno Bruno

A Batmobile in Pure Farming as a tractor?

In the WTF series, and between 2 creations of mods for Pure Farming, here is the Batmobile version 2016. The tool of...

Bruno Bruno

Deutz Fahr Serie 9 for Pure Farming 2018

You saw it in the article/test of artificial intelligences in agricultural simulations. The 9 series from the manufacturer Deutz-Fahr is finally available...

Bruno Bruno

Pure Farming AC Cobra mod

Promised thing, thing due, I showed you some images on the Facebook page of Simulagri.fr to reveal the integration...

Bruno Bruno