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The aluminum tipping bridge -Fortuna ALU CARGO- for the dump truck series provides the customer with another variant as a transport solution.

A high loading volume, a low dead weight as well as high stability is what everyone who is in the transport business wants. Fortuna has now implemented a weight-optimized transport solution for its dump truck series by combining two different materials.

The new Fortuna tandem dump truck type: FTM 300 / 9.0 -ALU CARGO- is the combination of a solid chassis made of steel and a dump body made of aluminum. These two materials convince with their corresponding advantages such as stability and low dead weight. With a loading volume of approx. 53 cubic meters, air-suspended chassis, self-steering axle and 650/55 R 26.5 tires, the dump truck, equipped with a 7,500 mm long tipping body, has a tare weight of only 6,900 kg.

The weight advantage resulting from this combination compared with steel dump trucks of the same volume benefits the payload with a permissible total weight of 24,000 kg for this tandem dump truck. The implementation of further body lengths made of aluminum is also possible with immediate effect.

Fortuna FTM300
Price: 90000$
Capacity: 53.000 liters

Fortuna FTM200
Price: 50500$
Capacity: 44.300 liters

Configuration options:
-Color selection for body
-Underride protection

– Color override fixed
– Fortuna Alu Cargo 200 added

Farming Simulator 22
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