Global Farmer: An innovative farming management game

Global Farmer, developed by Thera Bytes, the creators of Zombie Cure Lab, is a unique farming management game that lets you farm the land anywhere in the world. Using real data from OpenStreetMap, the game generates accurate maps of any region in the world, thus providing an authentic and immersive gaming experience. You can even play in specific locations like Saint-Trimoël (capital of the world), adapting your farm to the local environment.

Create and manage your farm

In Global Farmer, you start by choosing the location of your farm, then you organize your agricultural space. Build warehouses, parking lots for your vehicles, and paths to facilitate your operations. The game features a variety of farming equipment inspired by real-world vehicles and tools, such as tractors and harvesters. This careful management of your resources and infrastructure is essential to optimize the production and growth of your crops.

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Master crop rotation and meet regional challenges

The success of your farm depends on the effective management of crop rotations. Various environmental factors influence crop growth, such as soil structure and pH, as well as local weather conditions. By studying field characteristics, you can develop the best crop rotation methods to maximize your income. Moreover, Global Farmer features regional challenges where you must adapt your farming techniques to the specific conditions of different regions around the world.

Share and edit maps with the community

If you live in an area with little data, Global Farmer includes a level editor that lets you create and share your own maps. You can modify existing OSM data and submit your creations to the community on Steam Workshop, enriching the gaming experience for all players.

Execute contracts to increase your income

To diversify your sources of income, the game offers the execution of contracts with local companies. Deliver goods on time to increase your income and take on increasingly difficult contracts to earn more money. This functionality adds a strategic dimension to your agricultural management, requiring planning of your resources.

Main Features

  • Global Location : Place your farm anywhere in the world using OSM data.
  • Variety of Crops : Grow a wide diversity of crops adapted to local conditions.
  • Management and Development : Build and expand your farm with realistic farming equipment.
  • Actual Environmental Data : Take into account actual soil and temperature values ​​to optimize crop growth.
  • Seasonal Fluctuations : Manage seasonal effects on your crops to maximize production.
  • Local Contracts : Increase your income by accepting and fulfilling contracts with local businesses.
  • Map Editor : Create and share your own maps with the community.

Global Farmer is currently in demo for the Steam Neo Fest until June 17. This test period will allow you to discover the game's many features and explore the possibilities of agricultural management in 3 environments around the world: USA, Europe and Asia.

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