Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22's Challenge Mode takes multiplayer completely over the top

It's time to challenge your multiplayer games. The Mode Challenge of the Courseplay.devTeam and tn4799 provides everything you need to create your own fully customized challenge. The principle is SIMPLE. You set a number of points to win the round. The first team to reach that number of points wins. BUT before that, the game admin has the choice to set everything score. For example, saying that 1L of wheat = 1 point, having a cow = 10 points, etc. But that's not all, you can voluntarily restrict features such as missions, bank loans, the number of animals or buildings. In short EVERYTHING. The work done by the modders is really complete and gives free rein to your imagination.

We still advise you to use a dedicated server so as not to restrict players on their playing time. If you want to see how the mod works, watch this video.

Download this PC/Mac mod on the modhub or, to get the latest version, directly on the developers Github.